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Why Lympha Press® works so well

Lympha Press® products use a calibrated gradient system; allowing optimum pressure settings in up to 12 individual zones, to address localized discomfort and individual patient need. Advanced controls will not allow the setting of a reverse gradient, so ensuring a correct flow and most advantageous outcomes.

Clinical Study

Lympha Press® Compared With In-Clinic Manual Lymph Drainage Read the findings

A powerful set of products for a variety of clinical applications

The Lympha Press® is the only system to offer a complete massage solution for limb, torso, thorax lymphoedema and lipoedema.

Adapted from the proven principals of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, the Lympha Press® is a compression therapy system that delivers one of the most effective and safe medical lymphatic drainage therapies available. From a patient’s perspective each session is an enjoyable and relaxing experience, with the added benefit of volume reduction and much improved skin condition.

For those suffering with Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and other mixed oedemas:
For the therapist: Lympha Press® Optimal is ideal for specialist MLD practitioners wishing to deliver greater patient support (and a new income stream). The product provides three treatment cycles;   Pre-Therapy, Lympha Gradient and Wave Mode and is easy to set up and use.  

For clinic use: Lympha Press® Plus is the world’s leading professional ‘Pressotherapy’ device. Being fully digital, it offers 5 pre-set treatments alongside completely programmable set-up for 100% client-tailored therapy. The 5 pre-sets are Pre-Therapy, Lympha Cycle, Wave Mode, Lympha Press and Calibrated Gradient Cycle.

Supporting DLT and much more:

The sophistication of settings and therapy types offered by the Lympha Press® system can be valuable in supporting decongestive lymphoedema therapy, decreasing swelling and increasing lymph drainage from congested areas. Alongside this, it can help reduce skin fibrosis and enhance the patient’s functional status; whilst greatly relieving discomfort and improving quality of life.