Compression Therapy UK

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Products for both easy and effective Home use
and in demanding Professional / Clinical applications

Lympha Press Optimal:

The Lympha Press Optimal® is a pressure controlled device featuring Pretherapy treatment for home care patients as well as for clinics.
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Lympha Press Mini:

Treating lymphedema effectively means lifelong commitment to a regimen of care. Home therapy with the Lympha Press Mini® is easy and effective; saves clinic visits, and increases patient compliance for better treatment results.
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Lympha Press Plus:

Lympha Press Plus® is specially designed for medical professionals. It combines digital technology with the therapist’s touch.
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Phlebo Press:

Phlebo Press® is a sequential pneumatic compression system specially designed for efficient reduction and management of peripheral edema, such as lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency.
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Lympha Press Wave:

Using its unique peristaltic cycle, Lympha Wave™ encourages venous and lymphatic return, and is highly recommended for post-traumatic edema, edema of venous origin, leg ulcers, wound recovery and post-operative venous ligation or stripping.
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The range of garments tailored to specific treatments and individual/multiple parts of the body, allow users to optimise their use of Lympha Press products. All garments are made to a high standard, ensuring maximum benefit is achieved from each treatment.
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Lympha Press products are made by the respected Mego Afek company in Israel

Click on each of the product pictures to takeyou to Mego Afek's website and give detail about each device and its value in treating a range of ailments.